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Zorananda is a musician, yogi and meditation teacher who has traveled the world to learn from renowned yoga teachers like Yogrishi Vishvketu and Ryan Leier. He has spent time in Koh Phangan, Thailand, studying yoga, and Rishikesh, India, completing several teacher trainings and programs. 

His primary style of teaching is Akhanda Yoga created by Yogrishi Vishvketu. Zorananda has completed the 200 hour and 300 hour teacher trainings, and also completed a complimentary 200 hour Apprenticeship Program.

Zorananda has completed over 1000 hours of trainings over the course of 10 years that have formed the foundation of Future Life Progression: Meeting Your Future Self. Through dedicated yoga and meditation practice and following phenomenal life synchronicities, Zorananda created a meditation and healing modality that redefines what it means to incorporate meditation into daily life.

His musical life started at 16 years old, after a traumatic snowboarding accident that changed his life goal of being a professional snowboarder, to pursuing music as passion and career. His first cherry red Barracuda guitar gave him hope towards a future that was filled with creativity and a new sense of purpose. The struggle to find his own sound and style persisted through years of learning metal and classic rock. Eventually his life as a yogi brought a desire to play from his heart and create music from improvisation and a deeper connection with his true self.

Future Life Progression Book

Your life is more phenomenal than you think. Every day is full of opportunities and synchronicities that evade your attention, only to diminish into a mundane routine and disbelief that anything greater could occur.

That greater thing is your future self. We believe that the past shapes our present, but can we shape the future? How can we see into the future just as vividly as we can into the past?

Future Life Progression: Meeting Your Future Self is a step by step discourse with exercises, meditations, and philosophies to help develop a tool kit and methodology to uncover a hidden door within you that leads to a realm where your future self is waiting for you.

The missing link to connecting to you future self is feeling. We can look into the past and vividly recall memories because of the emotions we felt during the past moment. When we think of our future, we cannot access the emotions and feelings our future self is having just by trying to think about it. Something more in depth and powerful is needed.

This book will provide everything you need to connect to your future self, experience their emotions and feelings, and get a glimpse of the life they live to inspire you to see how phenomenal you are as a human being.

The time has come to follow the synchronicities to the realm within you and connect to who you truly are and want to be. Regardless of where you are in your life you fully deserve to live a life that is abundant and purposeful. What better way to manifest that dream than to connect with your future self who is living that life? 

Your future self is waiting for you...